A computer program that provides simple access to production management information required by commercial dairy farms.
It is designed especially for dairy farmers and is an indispensable tool of trade.

Mistro Farm is a computer program designed specifically for dairy farmers providing access to farm, herd and cow management information.

How MISTRO FARM assists the dairy farmer

Mistro Farm 5To meet the needs of the modern dairy farmer, Mistro Farm maintains a complete stock register and enables all herd recording, mating and health information to be stored. This information can be used by generating reports and viewing on screen ‘cards’ for individual animals.

Reports are used to generate lists of cows for use in day to day management. You can select lists of cows based on production, cows expected calving date, cows due on heat, cows not yet seen on heat, cows not yet served, cows for pregnancy diagnosis, cows requiring vet checks and cow age group.

Information on an individual cow is all contained on the one screen, including her pedigree, whether she is a problem mastitis cow, a milk fever problem and her latest mating and production information.

On a ten daily basis, factory, production as well as all aspects of feed and paddock management, including supplementary feeding and fertiliser applications can be recorded.

Graphs of herd test results and ten day production details are also provided.

Other features of Mistro Farm 5 include the diary, in which management notes can be recorded and tracked down at a later date.

Mistro Farm 5 also provides for recording details of water sources and irrigations with measurements of rainfall and evaporation which can assist in timing irrigations.

Simple and easy to use

A major feature of Mistro Farm 5 is its simplicity of use. It is not cluttered with options that will never be used and the user only needs to learn a couple of menus and screens to get significant results from the screen.

Mistro Farm 5 also has the ability to communicate in both directions with your herd recording centre. Mistro Farm 5 can communicate with your centre “on the fly” so that all herd recording information is available on the farmer’s system. Unlike many other packages Mistro Farm 5 can also upload all cow information required at the herd test centre via the internet. This means that all mating, health and pedigree information on the farmers system can be uploaded to the herd test centre automatically. For farmers who are not currently herd recording, this means that all cow histories and necessary information required to start herd recording can be supplied directly from your computer.

System requirements

A Pentium computer, 128 megabytes of RAM, 50 megabytes free space, 1024×768 screen resolution.

MISTRO Farm 5 is available in Australia for a yearly subscription price of $220 (inc GST)

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