Finance 5 Download

Downloads for MISTRO Finance

MISTRO Finance 5

You can download the full version of MISTRO Finance 5.1060 here.  The tutorials that accompany the program are over 300MB in size, so if you wish to also run these you are advised to contact us and we will send you an installation CD.

You may also click here to download the tutorial install file.

MISTRO Finance 5 – Mac (Intel based Mac’s Only)

You can download the full version of MISTRO Finance 5 For Mac here. The file is 337MB in size, so if you wish for a cd to be sent to you, Please contact us and we can get it sent.

Currently the tutorials do not work on Mac but we are working on it. 

Important note for Mac Users! 

If you are running OS X 10.5.x (Leopard) or OS X 10.6.x  (Snow Leopard) Mistro Finance will install and run without a problem.

If however you are running an earlier version of OS X, such as OS X 10.4.x (Tiger) You will need to install the X11 window environment which can be found on your OS X install dvd under “Optional Extras” 

MISTRO Finance 5 Update

If you have already installed MISTRO Finance 5 but you wish to manually download the latest program update, you can do it by clicking here. The latest update available is version  5.1054 . You can check the version of the program you are running by looking at the title bar at the top of the main form. If you have installed MISTRO Finance 5 from an old CD, you should run this update before running the program.

Murray Goulburn Revised Prices for season 2012/13

Click here to install a set of milk price files for the 2012/13 season. These files can be read into your budget by clicking on the Tasks/Load Milk prices option of the budget window. Click the current year or next year buttons to import the prices into the respective year’s budget. The price file includes estimated stepups for the remainder of the year so you should review these to ensure they meet with your expectations and also review the collection/volume charges which apply to your farm. It uses a collection charge of 2.5 c/litre which should be adjusted depending on your track conditions. Please ensure that the prices imported are applicable to your region by checking with your Field officer.

The Domestic pricing system DOES NOT INCLUDE an allowance for the special domestic incentives. You must predict the likely milk production percentage from mid February to mid July to calculate the incentive applicable to your farm which ranges from 8c fat and 20c protein (40-41% supply), 17c and 43c (41-42% supply), 28c and 70c (42-43% supply) and 40c and 100c for 43% or more milk produced out of season. To estimate your incentive payment, please consult your Field Officer to confirm an amount.

Older MISTRO Finance 3

All of the following information refers to the now superseded MISTRO Finance 3.

MISTRO Finance 3 Installation

A complete installation of MISTRO Finance version 3.30 released 1/9/08 is contained in the file MFinance.EXE. It is 8,780 kbytes in length. After you download the file, double click on the file to commence installation.

Click MFinance.exe to begin downloading.

The complete installation can be used to update an existing program or to install a complete demonstration of the package. The unregistered version of the program is fully operable for a trial period. Registration numbers can be obtained through Email, and data entered through the demonstration program is fully available following registration.

Installing on Windows Vista

To run MISTRO Finance on Windows Vista there are a couple more steps to get it running correctly:

Download MISTRO Finance from the complete installation link above.
Install as normal, following the instructions in the install.
After the installation process has finished there will be a shortcut to Finance on the desktop.
Right click on the Finance shortcut and select Properties.  This will open up the shortcut properties.
Go to the Compatability tab.
Find “Run this program in compatability mode for:” and select “Windows XP SP2”.
Then select the check box “Run program as Administrator”.
Press OK.

That’s it, MISTRO Finance should run correctly.

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