Due to the COVID-19 situation, Hico has been deemed an essential service by the National Herd Improvement Association.

We are committed to providing you with all our products and services to maintain your business.

To meet government guidelines, we have made changes to ensure the safety of you and our staff. To view these protocols go to

Please be mindful of these COVID-19 protocols which, allow us to protect you and our staff whilst still delivering to you on-farm.

Minimising person to person contact has occurred across all branches with most staff working from home. This allows us to safeguard our staff to ensure that we can continue to operate reliably whilst moderating the potential impact of COVID-19.

The actions stated below have been set in place within each area of our business so that we can continue to operate in a safe and reasonable manner:

Herd Testing and Farm Services Technicians
• All staff are carrying alcohol based hand sanitiser in their vehicles and are required to disinfect their hands before and after each farm visit. They are also required to wash their hands with soap and water following correct protocols as frequently as possible.
• Use of disposable gloves at all times while handling equipment and during the job is required.
• Vehicles are kept clean inside and outside, regularly disinfecting surfaces such as the steering wheel, gear shift and door handles.
• Two days before going to a farm to perform a job, every customer is to be contacted and asked the following questions:

a. Have you or any of your staff been overseas and returned in the last 14 days?
b. Have you or any of your staff been in contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

The job can only go ahead if both questions are answered in the negative.

If the answer to one of these quest ions is “Yes”, the job must be rescheduled.

It is very important that the correct information is given during the screening process. If, identified on farn1by our staff that information given was incorrect or our safety protocols are not followed, our service will need to be rescheduled until the situation is deemed to be safe.

• Courier Drivers are required to spray crates and other testing equipment on farm using a solution of Methylated Spirits with at least 60% concentration.
• Livestock Services Technicians need to wash equipment used on farm with soap and water before going to the next farm.
• All staff going on farm will wash aprons and boots with soap and water at the end of the visit, before leaving the farm.

Please note: Important information for all  EMM  herringbone herd  test farms. During this COVID-19  risk period, Hico will no longer be providing a herd test for farms with this setup as it is too hard to maintain compliance with the government issued directive. Alternatively , you can continue herd testing with the farmer collect option without assistance of a Hico sampling officer.

Sales Representatives
On-farm visits by our reps have ceased during this time, instead our staff will be contacting you via phone and email. If a face to face meeting is necessary, they are to occur with appropriate social distancing measures practiced. An assessment prior to the visit will be made to evaluate safety precautions.

Stock and Logistics
We can reassure you that we have adequate semen stock for the autumn 2020 joining period. During these times, prior preparation is incredibly impo11ant. To minimise strain on our stock control and logistics due to social distancing restrictions, we ask that orders are placed as soon as possible. This will allow our team adequate time to fulfil your requests and still provide you with the best service possible to meet your needs .

For those customers using dairy chemicals, we plan to have extra stock deliveries to maintain supplies to you. The retail outlet at Maffra is still open for business. All products are available from any branch and can be ordered over the phone, and can be delivered on fam1 or collected from outside our office doors.

Hico is committed to supporting you and your business in navigating through these uncertain times. We thank you for your understanding and support during this time

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