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Benefits of Herd Recording with HICO

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Herd Recording allows you to measure…”

  • Allows you to set and monitor individual targets for your herd.
  • Better management decisions, especially when selecting for dry off periods.
  • Culling the right cows. Shift the focus from the top cows to the bottom cows.  This is where you can achieve the biggest changes.
  • Improve selective joining of your herd.  Join the most productive cows to the highest genetic gain bulls and the least productive to beef.
  • Herd recording is the only way to gain comprehensive production information on individual cows.
  • Managing Cell Count. Ability to keep your milk income in the premium payment brackets.
  • Managing Mastitis
  • Identifies potential health issues through change in milk volume from last herd test.
  • Improving genetic gain of the herd through culling the low producers and choosing the replacements from higher producing dams.
  • More valuable progeny as cows with known production history are more valuable in the marketplace.

Additional benefits 

  • Milk Pregtest with up to 98% accuracy
  • Ability to share herd recording information with farm consultants and service providers to assist with nutritional and veterinarian decisions

Increase the value of your herd

  • Through herd recording you add real value to one of your most important assets, your herd
  • Cows with known history and proven production ability are more valuable


“Herd Recording is the only way to gain comprehensive production information on individual cows”


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